Teltronic Transport Solutions



With over 10 years’ experience delivering mission critical digital radio communication systems together in Australia, MCS Digital and Teltronic offer the full suite of Transport communication solutions required to deliver turnkey projects for the Australasian transportation industry:

  • Freight
  • Passenger Rail
  • Metro Rail
  • Light Rail
  • Buses


Integrated TETRA & LTE Solutions for Transport Communications

TETRA technology provides communications between drivers, stations, depots, control centre operators, passengers, security and maintenance staff, integrating with external agencies’ networks for emergency coordination in critical situations.

Where narrowband technologies are no longer able to meet the demands of modern communication requirements (such as for CBTC, large scale condition based monitoring and Mission Critical Video to name a few), Teltronic’s eNebula TETRA & LTE Hybrid network, developed according to the ETSI and 3GPP specifications, seamlessly integrates the best of both worlds into a unified communication system that meets the needs of modern transportation systems.


Integration with Signalling Applications

Having already delivered both ITCS over TETRA (FENOCO in Colombia) and PTC over TETRA (Moatize Nacala Corridor in Mozambique), Teltronic is accustomed to the demands of delivering critical signalling data over wireless communication networks.

Via ongoing integration efforts with the leading Signalling manufacturers, MCS Digital and Teltronic are uniquely placed to deliver Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) and European Train Control System (ETCS) over LTE solutions.


Integrated Command & Control (IC&C)

Teltronic’s Centre for Command and Control (CeCoCo) application combines over 40 years’ of Public Safety and Transportation experience into a modular, configurable and expandable end-to-end solution providing call attendance, GIS, radio dispatch and CCTV functionalities.

The CeCo-TRANS module is a transport oriented interface designed specifically to improve ease of management of transportation fleets, with a dedicated Dynamic Map showing the live location of rolling stock throughout the network.


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