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In the 1970’s, MCS Digital’s founder, Don Warring, worked for General Electric in Lynchburg USA and later acquired the assets of GE’s Australian operations, establishing the then Mobile Communication Systems in Australia, providing rental communications equipment services.

In 1982 Warring installed Australia’s first trunked radio network (GE Marc V).

Turnkey radio communication projects followed, including:

  • A 16 site state wide EDACS network covering the North Island of New Zealand in 1994-95 (later expanded to 23 site and supported in excess of 3,000 subscribers)
  • An 18 site EDACS trunked network covering approximately 28,490 sq kms of Victoria in 1996, replacing the GE Marc V
  • A 3 site EDACS network at hazard facilities for Rio Tinto Aluminium Smelters (now Pacific Aluminium Group) in 1998
  • A 50 site EDACS network for Tasmania’s Transcend Networks Corporation with Tasmania Police joining the network in 1998, expanding the system to 70+ sites

In 2000, Origin Energy’s National Response Centre (NRC), a highly specialised 24/7 emergency dispatch and call centre operation, formerly owned by the Gas and Fuel Corporation who had acquired the operation as part of the privatisation of gas assets in Victoria set about finding a technology partner that could provide a robust, mission critical voice and data radio system to handle the thousands of work order and gas emergency dispatch calls made each year. A newly renamed MCS Digital was successful in securing the significant Managed Services agreement, and the partnership continues today (see Managed Services for more information about our partnership with NRC).

Over the next decade, the focus remained on delivering turnkey mission critical digital radio communication solutions to the Australian and New Zealand regions, servicing industries including:

  • Transport
  • Petroleum
  • Oil & Gas
  • Essential Services
  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Services
  • Mining
  • Security
  • Public Events



MCS Digital is proud to successfully deliver projects and ongoing support that provides our clients with first class customer care and assured satisfaction. Our network of Global Partners and industry professionals including consultants, subcontractors and distributors ensures our leading edge in knowledge and innovation.

Our experience qualifies us to work with you to understand your communication requirements and challenges, to be able to offer the most appropriate technology and systems design that is optimised to provide you with a robust and cost-effective solution.

MCS Digital’s customers include:

  • Viva Energy Refining Australia (formerly Shell Refining)
  • Rio Tinto’s Pacific Aluminium Group (Australian and New Zealand)
  • Origin Energy
  • Australian Department of Defence (Thales)
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Victorian Government
  • Tasmania Police
  • Transport for NSW
  • Victoria Country Fire Authority


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